Seed Project

Chankya comes with a seed project. You can start your app from scratch with it. Its easy to build new app structure which can be further extended and enhanced with new features and pages as per requirement.

It included all core files required to run an app with flexibility to include new components and modules to integrate new features and functionality.

Add menu item

After adding a new component for a page you can add its menu item in app-routing.module.ts file, first you need to add a new route in app-routing.module.ts file as follows.

{ path: 'mypage', component: MypageComponent },

After adding route you need to add link in menu-item.ts file under code/menu/menu-items folder as follows.

state: 'mypage',
name: 'My Page',
type: 'link',
icon: 'icon-envelope-letter icons'
Last Updated 1 year ago
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